Flavourings for brewing.

Whether you are a home brewer or an established Brewing company requiring commercial quantities, Universal flavours has what you need to create a truly unique flavour to your beer.



When to use it?

Adding flavourings is not like adding fruits, herbs and spices. By adding flavourings, you aren’t adding any sugar, so there is no point to adding them before fermentation.

You also don’t need to do any actual flavour extraction since that part will be replaced just by adding flavorings at the end, so no need to coax flavors out in the boil, or as a ‘dry hop’ via ethanol extraction in the late stages of fermentation.

All of that is kind of the point!

The best place to add flavour extracts is right at packaging, either in the bottling bucket, or directly to the keg! When it comes to tinkering with your recipe to create the right blend, it makes it so much easier to do revisions!

How much flavouring to use

The amount you use will differ between flavours and vary according to the type of beer and ingredients in your brewing process. As a guide, start with 0.5ml to 1ml of flavour per litre of beer and adjust to taste.

Flavour Consistency & Stability

These professional flavours are created to impart accurate tastes to your beers/seltzers. Whilst using some raw materials like fruits, berries or spices can prove unpredictable, flavourings/flavour extracts are extremely stable and provide consistent taste profiles.

Usually the best types of flavouring for beer are “water soluble” flavourings. Carriers such as ethanol or Propylene Glycol are commonly used in such flavourings.