flavourings Vs. EXTRACTS vs. powders

When it comes to formulas and flavors, it all starts by knowing the difference between extracts, flavorings and powders. Once you know which one is best for your application – and which one will deliver the flavor potency you desire – you can begin to craft your masterpiece.


Extracts are made by pressing or extracting the flavor of the source ingredient into a liquid base. This base is usually alcohol.*

Let’s take a lemon, for example. To get lemon extract, all the different oils from the lemon are pressed out – using the entire lemon and lemon peel.

The purpose of placing the lemon oil in a liquid base for an extended period of time, like alcohol and water, is to get rid of the lemon’s sour essence (terpenes and waxes) and capture the fresh, clean citric flavor.

Extracts are great for playing a supporting flavor role in your application, rather than standing out as the main flavor.

Good to Know


- Are highly concentrated

- Are suspended in a water or alcohol base

- Have a high heat stability


Flavourings are great for: Baking, Beverages, Ice Cream, Candies and More

Following the same process as a flavour extracts, flavourings are stronger, hold flavour longer, and are better at maintaining the character of the flavour.
They give drinks and food excellent subtle or bold flavour notes, you can control that!

Flavourings are mostly water soluble and can be used where oil based products cannot.

And for the high volume users, flavourings are an excellent way to assist in ongoing consistency!

Flavourings are consistent, flavourful, flexible, and the best part, no added sugar!


Flavor powders are arguably the oldest flavoring agents. While many other flavoring methods have substituted for powders in today’s recipes and formulas, flavor powders are still great – and necessary – for a powder-heavy formulation that must produce a dry, finished product – such as certain baking applications, dry mixes and rubs, and beverage mixes, like protein powders, smoothies, shakes, and others.

Good to Know

Flavor Powders:

- Are highly concentrated

- Are water-soluble