Hi there from Universal Flavours, a one stop shop for Food Grade Flavourings!

Our names are Natalie and Maxim and we are part of the Universal team. We are a flavourings business that has its roots imbedded in the Manufacturing industry here in Oz for the past 9 years. It was through our original business that we recognized demand for flavourings in other industries such as Brewing, Baking, Distilling, Candy making, Ice cream, and beverages to name a few.

With our business very much targeting one particular market, we began working on Universal Flavours in order to give visibility on the products we wholesaled to other markets. 

With our experience in flavour creation, we recognised the endless combinations possible that can be made from flavourings in order to create a truly unique flavour profile in any of the above mentioned industries.

One of the services that we are offering to other markets, is not just supply of particular flavourings brands in commercial quantities, but R&D into creating you a truly one-off unique flavour profile. With 9 years in flavour creation ranging from a simple well rounded Orange profiles to an Intricate Fruit punch, if there is a flavour you want, we can help create it

So whether you have experience in using flavourings in your products, and you need a supplier, or if you would like to try something new and exciting, we are happy to have a chat and see what opportunities lie ahead.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us

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All of our stock is in our Sydney warehouse, so that means quick fulfillment, quick shipping, and a great experience!

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