Flavourings for Soft drinks and spirits.

Flavourings are a magnificent way of bringing a wave of flavour to your carbonated water, still water, and even spirits. 

The great thing about flavourings is that a little goes a long way. 1-3% is a fantastic starting point!

Most flavourings do not contain added sweeteners either, which gives you complete control on which direction you would like the end flavour to head.

Do you like the taste of sweet sweet calories and aren’t afraid of a teaspoon or 2 of white sugar, or do you prefer the natural sweetness of Monk Fruit extract? With flavourings, you dictate the outcome!

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Why flavourings?

The use of flavourings in spirits are also becoming increasingly prevalent as the food grade PG base in flavourings is a known flavour carrier, allowing for super consistency between batches. 

Are you a Gin/Vodka drinker?

If so, you have probably noticed and experienced the amazing flavour combinations being created on the market. With flavours like Capella Hibiscus or Pear, the combinations available to create a truly unique profile are only limited by your imagination. Then imagine the Cocktails one can make with these flavoured alcoholic bases!