LorAnn is known for concentrated, professional strength flavorings and essential oils, but the LorAnn product line encompasses a variety of candy making and baking supplies in addition to our many flavoring options: Super-Strength Flavors, Premium Vanilla Extracts, Vanilla Bean Paste, Bakery Emulsions and the Flavor Fountain line of flavorings for frozen yogurt and ice cream. Nearly all food products are certified kosher, without added sugar, and gluten-free.

      Can Lorann be used in beer brewing?

      Yes.  The Super-Strength flavors that are water soluble will work best to flavor beer.  In general, a .1 - .3% use level is appropriate for most beers.  Some of the heavier beers require more flavor (stouts, porters, etc.) vs. the lighter wheat beers which pair well with fruit flavors. Avoid any Oil options.

      What else can they be used for?

      Hard Candy, Chocolate, Cakes, Cookies, Frosting, Ice Cream and Yoghurt, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Nutritional Shakes, Beverages, Gummies, Popcorn to name a few!


      29 products

      29 products