Yes! using the flavourings in our range are a fun way to add flavour to wax products like candles and lip balm!

Yes! Simply add a few drops of the flavouring to the sugar and mix!

Most definitely! And this is where the fun really is! Are you chasing a Strawberry Banana as an example? TFA Strawberry Ripe and TFA Ripe Banana together will create exactly that. Want a unique Strawberry? Mix a few different ones together. The pairings are endless.

All our products are water soluble. If you are chasing oil soluble flavourings, they will be marked as OS in the product name. Alternatively you can view them through the menu under "Oil Soluble".

No, this gives you the freedom to continue to avoid sweetener or simply add any and as much sweetener as you choose. Capella Super Sweet is a cracker!

The flavourings on our site are a mix of Natural, Natural and Artificial, or Artificial. If you are uncertain which one is which, simply open up the MSDS sheet to confirm. In most cases, the natural products will be mentioned in the product name.

You are able to access all the MSDS sheets on each respective product page, just under the "Buy now" button

There are no added colourings in the products we sell. Some products may be tinted and not clear, and some may be quite dark. Custard or Vanilla profiles generally have a dark earthy colour as Vanillin is used in a lot of them. In a nutshell, the raw materials used in the production will impact the colour variations. Colour variations can alse be expected between batches, and especially in flavourings that have natural flavourings in them.