Flavourings for baking goods and food.

Whether you enjoy making home made cupcakes or birthday cakes from home, an aspiring cake maker, or an established baker, the flavourings available at Universal Flavours are a tool for your arsenal that will help you make a truly unique product. 


Bring your products to life

why flavourings?

The baking industry has historically been dominated by flavour extracts, and has thus limited the range and creativity of what can be accomplished. With flavourings, it blows the doors wide open to endless possibilities.

match flavours to appearance

The ability to match flavours to appearance is big plus. Imagine creating cakes that have flavours matching with super heroes themes for the little ones.

Green: Lime

Yellow: Pineapple

Orange: Mandarin
Blue: Berries

Red: Strawberry

ICING innovation

Icing is a huge element of creating uniqueness in cupcakes. Chasing a coffee flavored icing? Which type of Coffee? Espresso? Mocha? Latte? Whichever you choose, Universal Flavours has the particular profile you are chasing.