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Capella Flavors

A diverse and delicious line of water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring.

Their flavours contain no fats, calories or preservatives. The highly concentrated nature of our flavours allows them to deliver a superior flavour concentrate, free from preservatives and stabilizers. Enjoy deep aroma, dense concentration and unparalleled taste. Capella Flavors are proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA.



Inawera is a Polish flavour concentrate company that has become famous for its sheer accuracy in flavour. From its fruits, to its custards, this is a line where a little goes a long way.


Flavor West (FW)

Flavor West Manufacturing LLC., is family owned and operated and has been since their founding in 2012. Located in Lake Elsinore, California, they bring over twenty years of experience to the table, allowing their team to develop premium quality products that their customers can trust. From their humble beginnings to being the largest supplier of concentrated flavouring, they’ve remained focused on being the best in the industry.


The Flavors Apprentice (TFA)

TFA Started in the USA in 2009 with the aim to supply premium food flavouring to culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike. Today they have more than 250 flavours, allowing their consumers to experiment and improve their recipes and make them more savory, sweet, and complex.


FlavourArt (FA)

FA hails from Italy, and have become an absolute staple in the international flavouring market.


Flavorah (FLV)

Flavorah’s mission is to create the world’s top flavouring concentrates. Flavorah’s raw materials empower mixers with a powerful set of tools designed to enable more pure, and potent finished products.

The brand launched in 2014 in the USA with just 20 flavors, and through DIY community feedback and constant development, their current line-up has grown to over 200 unique raw food grade flavour concentrates.